800 km in 8 days
In January 2018, Greg will join the 10th Annual Hands Across The Water Thailand Bike Ride... on foot!
Starting out before sunrise each day, Greg will attempt to cover the 800km route in just 8 days - that's 19 marathons back-to-back.
Greg aims to raise $30,000, all of which will go towards supporting children cared for by Hands Across The Water in seven locations across Thailand.
Help get behind Greg in this phenomenal effort and click on one of the buttons below.

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About Greg

Greg took up running at the age of 40 as 'he needed a hobby’.  In the space of a decade, he's managed to cram more into 10 years than most of us do in a lifetime. Life truly did begin at 40!

Since then, he's competed in numerous events including 4 x Coast to Kosciusko 240km, 5 x North Face/UTA 100kms, 2 x Great North Walk/Run 100km & 100miles, 2 x Glasshouse Mountains 100km & 100miles, the Great Ocean Road 100km, the stunning Tarawera 100km in NZ, the Centennial Park 100km, a few 6 Foot Tracks, a number of marathons including Boston, and more recently, experimenting with triathlons, doing the Huskisson Half Ironman followed by the World's Toughest Daylight Triathlon down in the Snowy Mountains. Greg loves a physical and mental challenge whether it be distance or terrain.

 Greg is also a long time supporter of Hands Across the Water having completed the 800km North Bike Ride from Bangkok to Khao Lak in 2011. Greg said after the ride that  ‘with the right preparation, you could run the 800km’.  Now it’s time to walk the talk - or rather run it.  Greg lives in Sydney, with his wife Julie and children Hannah, Nicholas and Hugh.

About Hands

Hands Across The Water was founded by Peter Baines after he witnessed firsthand the  devastation and aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Originally tasked with housing 50 orphaned children in the badly hit Baan Tharn Namchai region, Hands now provides a home and education to more than 350 children throughout Thailand, whilst continuing to support another 40+ through university. The homes managed by Hands are for children that have no other option in life, providing them with a place to be loved, an education, and ultimately when the time comes to leave, a choice for their future.

Thailand rides, treks, and in this case a run, are the main fundraising source for these children, but they are also designed to enrich the lives of those who participate as well as the children. Countless riders have described their lives as being deepened and inescapably changed after completing this unforgettable journey. Hands also operates a social enterprise to cover all admin costs, which ensures that 100% of every dollar donated or fundraised goes directly to the children and projects in Thailand.

The Run

Starting South-West from Bangkok on 15 January 2018, the route follows Thailand's beautiful East Coast for the first six days. On the fifth day both Greg and the riders will rest at Chumpon to recover some energy.

On the two last days the riders and Greg will branch westwards, across the width of Thailand to the West Coast. Traveling through the stunning Khao Sok National Park. The last day includes the largest and toughest hill: a 4.4km climb followed by a 7km descent.

After that it's a final flat run towards the home at Baan Tharn Namchai - the site of the original Hands home in 2006 that now houses and cares for more than 100 children.

As Greg and the riders arrive at the home it will mark the end of their epic 800km journey. The children will line the street - some riding out ahead to welcome the party - and the participants will see first hand exactly what they have been working so hard towards.

How You Can Help
As well as needing to raise AU$30,000 for the run, Greg is looking for potential partnership and sponsorship opportunities that will help cover the requirements of the run. Please click on one of the buttons below to support Greg. 100% of all donations go directly to the children and communities supported by Hands Across The Water, with not one cent spent on overheads or admin.
Many Thanks to the Supporters of the Run